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Fleet Management

Efficient. Effortless. Fleet

Complete fleet management at a glance

Looking for a personal assistant to optimize the operational and technical management of your fleet? Ordifleet significantly simplifies your operational administration by automatically or semi-automatically consolidating information in our application.

Complete cost optimization: save time and money

We calculate and display all relevant costs and expiration dates. Thanks to the automatic or semi-automatic consolidation of data such as tachograph information, mileage, fuel consumption, driver card information, expiration dates for licenses, medical checkups, Code95, fuel purchases, training, maintenance appointments, and much more, you can save time.

Choose the module you need

Ordifleet is composed of different modules. You can build your own tool, customized to your company. Read on to learn about the different modules. Or better yet, request a demo from our sales team and we'll be happy to show you the possibilities.

Fuel purchases Preventive Insurances Damage cases Spare parts
Monthly cost
Cost per employee
Expiration dates

Combine Orditach modules with

Orditool Back-up

Orditool Online


Preventive: Automatic monitoring of expiration dates and maintenance

Thanks to this complete overview of maintenance and expiration dates, you can achieve significant cost savings. Ordifleet helps you work preventively, so you not only save time but also money:

  • You schedule maintenance when needed, not too late but not too early.
  • You receive a warning when maintenance is coming up, based on known mileage and/or expiration dates, and we automatically suggest what applies first.
  • You keep track of expiration dates for fire extinguishers, tachographs, etc.


With this module, you can monitor your insurance policy for one vehicle or for the entire fleet (fleet policy), including the insurer and the deductible. This way, you can also track and use this cost in the damage cases module.

Fuel purchaces

Fuel purchaces

Fuel administration: track fuel fill-ups and consumption manually or automatically. Fuel fill-up management can be done in various ways:

  • Manually
  • Automatically via a link with your own pump system
  • Automatically via an electronic receipt provided by your fuel supplier
This allows you to obtain the number of liters filled per vehicle or for the entire fleet, the price per kilometer or the number of liters per 100 kilometers.

Damage cases

In this module, you can follow up on all damage cases:

  • You manage and monitor the entire file.
  • You keep track of which party was in the right, who still needs to receive which amount.
  • You can request statistics on the cost per vehicle and per driver.
  • You map out how much the damage cases cost you per year and who your accident-prone driver is.
  • This cost is also included in the km cost price of your vehicle.

Spare parts

Manage spare parts and inventory:

  • Manage your purchased spare parts according to the FIFO system.
  • Indicate where these purchased parts are located, in a vehicle or in stock.
  • This cost can also be requested per vehicle - if installed - in the cost statistics of your fleet or a specific vehicle. Otherwise, you can request the value of your inventory.
  • You can also track whether you have provided a driver with, for example, a brush, a safety helmet, etc.

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