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Track & Trace

Track. Trace. Treasure

Real-time monitoring

Thanks to our Orditrack solution, you have visibility into the real-time location of your vehicles as well as the routes traveled in the past.

Indisputable performance report

With detailed reports, you have visibility into the stop times, stop addresses, distance traveled, and driving times.

No more discussion about the driven speed

You can identify your reckless and dangerous drivers and reward your correct drivers.

Realtime monitoring

  • You can monitor all your vehicles live on the map.
  • You can view the location of both moving and stationary vehicles in real-time.
Route uit het verleden

Routes from the past

  • You can view the routes from the past for all your vehicles.
  • You can immediately see both the long and short stops.
Rapport met ritverslag

Reports with journey logs

  • You quickly and easily get an overview of the stop times, stop addresses, driven kilometers, and driving times.
  • You can export the reports to Excel.


  • You can track arrival and departure at pre-set locations or zones.
  • You can easily create and modify geofences yourself.
  • You see the geofences in the route report.
  • You see the geofences on the map.

Speed visualization

  • You can see at a glance how fast the vehicle was driving.
  • For each point of the route, you can view more details such as speed, time, battery voltage, distance, and driving direction relative to the previous point.

Speed violations

  • You can visualize speed violations on the route.
  • You can receive a report with the speed violations.
Locatie via sms

Information via SMS

  • The location of your vehicles can be requested at any time via SMS.
  • You will receive an alarm on your mobile phone if your vehicle is moved without contact (e.g. in case of theft or towing).
  • You will receive an alarm on your mobile phone if your vehicle is involved in an accident.
Integratie met Google Street View

Integration with Google Street View

  • Thanks to the integration with Google Street View, you can view every point on the route in 360°
Real-time traffic situation

Real-time traffic situation

  • View the real-time traffic situation on the route.
Measure battery voltage

Measure battery voltage

  • You can continuously monitor the battery voltage of your vehicle, so you can be assured that you will never run out of power.
Identification system

Identification system

  • The system identifies and records the time of the driver getting on board, taking a break, leaving the vehicle, etc.

Reading tachograph and driver card

  • Both the tachograph and the driver card are automatically read out every day through your digiDL-E.

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